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To have sex and/or achieve orgasm during yoga.
David remembers the first time he met his wife. She was a yoga instructor at the gym he worked out at. Each anniversary they celebrate their meeting with a romantic Mr. Fantastic after dinner.
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
when one breaks his leg or arm and it bends in half resembling mr. fantastic of the fantastic 4
dude that kickboxer pulled off a mr. Fantastic
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
The act of farting, bending over, and smelling it before it loses its freshness.
Dude, I was watching peewee's play house and did a Mr.Fantastic
by FrumpyRedgaurd November 20, 2011
A move usually performed for the sexual thrill. A male ties his genitals to a bungee cord and tie the other end to a bridge or an awning high enough. Then the male jumps off the awning to experience the thrill (only if his dick is still attached)

"Yo, John said he did a Mr Fantastic yesterday!"

by Chinny Ching Chong August 26, 2008