Short for Mozilla, the open source foundation that made Firefox.
Hey Joe! Did you upgrade your Mozzy FF (Firefox) today? There was an update recently.
by Elijah Grey May 02, 2008
Top Definition
Aye, we finna go make some mozzy.

I get mozzy all day, yafeel.
by pimpdaddyjay August 10, 2014
plural form of mozzy, meaning mosquitoes
Crikey! look at those mozzies! Their huge!
by head_check July 22, 2006
Australian slang for mosquito's.
"Mate, these mozzie's are terrible!"
"Calm down baby, have some cheese"
by thatdude327 October 08, 2011
Mozzarella Stick
Lets go to apps and get some Mozzys!
by Vinnyinpants September 16, 2008
When you really have to go take a dump?
I have to go take a Mozzy in the bathroom?
by Armin Ekhtiar September 16, 2003
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