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It is actually "Mazal tov" which means good luck, congratulations, cheers. It's a really nice, friendly term.
Fill up my cup, mozoltov
by Mokaz July 02, 2009
A term usually used as a charm such as good luck, this word is mainly used at parties or new year to say cheers

(see BlackEyedPeas video for i gotta feeling)
Fill up my cup mozoltov
by Lil'missknowitall July 12, 2009
(verb) To raise the chair.

Originally from the word "Mazel-tov", it etymologically means "to raise the chair".

Often used in moments of joy, hapiness, celebration and other similar emotions.
In celebration:

(All): "Mozoltov!"
by Bran Flake November 14, 2009
Fill up my Cup,
Fill up my Cup, MOZOLTOV
by cupmoz May 26, 2009

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