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To me known as a laid back deeply spoken guy/girl that doesnt really care what people think of them. Having Cardiomegaly aka over sized heart, sometimes excepting the wrong people into his life and causing him/her to become too trust worthy of others. Love of poetry but doesnt care for Shakespear. Is dedicated to what he does and is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. From big citys most of the time and know for his/her great smile, Over all loved by everyone.
Wow, im feeling Mozell today damn!
I know Mozell weill come because he always has my back he is loyal.
by Ryan jake March 19, 2010
To be bold and out spoken, Generous and Selfish
Unable to make a long term commitment, it's too depressing when it doesn't work out. Fun, Carefree, loving the wind in your face , never on time, living life like it 's over soon.
by 1Moman February 04, 2010

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