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a word that cane be used in place of any real word.
I'm just going to the mew to pick up some mew

translation: im going to the supermarket to pick up some eggs
by Mac-ingston October 10, 2010
to effectively increase one's speed in order not to remain stagnant or in fact go back in time.
hasten your pace and have a froff!!

why are you so unhasty?
your pace hastening skills are dismal
if you don't hasten your pace immidately you will get a kick in the teeth
you pace is so unhastened that a sloth would overtake you
by Mac-ingston October 10, 2010
A gazelle with a mustache. Usually used as a way of greeting friends by putting one finger in mo position on upper lip. and other hand posing a peace sign on the top of ones head. Can also be used to express excitement.
"hey hey my best girlfriends!!" *mozelle hand signal*
*team gets goal in football* "MOZELLE!"
"Hey, Debbie, was that a pack of mozelle's casually passing through the house?"
by Mac-ingston October 12, 2010

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