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Net lingo for the German word "Maul" that means: SHUT UP!
<stupid> i think you're a damn loser, u gave me a teamheadshot that cant be.
<cooooool> MOWL!
by Maulmowl0r February 03, 2003
A bowl, usually out of the bong, mixed with marijuana and tobacco,
Jeff: yo man let's blaze
Henry: you wanna smoke a bowl or a mowl?
Jeff: I need that tobacco rush, MOWL IT UP
by yaqematsu September 14, 2013
To mowl = relaxed working (maybe with a beer, some good music...)

(Launched by a Belgium guy.)
I'm mowling. (I'm busy working relaxed)
Let's mowl! (Let's work relaxed)
Was it an intense day today? No, I had a mowl. (I had a relaxed day at work)
by juFo October 14, 2007
a large mug-bowl that you use at work for all your liquid needs. From your early morning vat of coffee, to your lunchtime large can of soup, or your afternoon wading pool of iced coffee. A mowl does it all.
I wanted more coffee then a mug, but don't want to use a spoon out of a bowl. I wil use my mowl.

That is one big mowl of coffee, Taylor.

Did your big can of soup fit in your mowl?
by Taylorshelper February 17, 2011
Short for 'Moving On With Life'.
Boy: I'm done eating, so, MOWL, then?
Girl: Why you do this? Why?
by mowler August 17, 2016
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