the person who's always yelling at the movie characters and expressing their feelings towards the movie outloud.
these individuals are most commmonly found in large theatures, where they can annoy the most people.
(the character in a horror movie goes to open the door where the serial killer is hiding)

(everyone stares at movie talker)

by Brooke P November 11, 2007
Top Definition
1. Anyone who talks louder than a whisper in the theater after the previews are finished and the movie has begun.

2. Someone who offers unsolicited and unwelcome commentary during a movie.

3. Anyone who is loud, or inconsiderate to others during a movie.

4. Someone who talks (usually loudly) to the movie or characters in the movie.
1. Right before a good scene, a movie talker may say "Watch this!" or "Here comes the good part!"

2. A movie talker may miss some important dialog (because they were talking) then ask "What did they say?"

3) A movie talker may even shout "Don't go in there, the killer is in there" during a horror movie.
by Daniel Mueller January 30, 2010
1. that irritating guy who talks really loud while others are trying to watch a movie.

2. people who commonly talk about movies and television programs because they haven't done anything interesting in there life.
1. i wish that movie talker would shut the fuck up so the rest of us could enjoy the movie.

2. OMG all he does is talk about movies
by jobflobadobYob October 10, 2010
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