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1. Either referring to muscle, a muscular man, or the act of building muscle.

2. A word referring to a vaginal fart. Otherwise known as a "queef".
"Tracy, whatchu doin', girl?"
"Building some mousa."

"Jenny, what was that noise?!"
"OMG, so fucking sorry. I just had to mousa."
"Oh, I always have to after sex, it's alright. Let your mousa out, bb."
by therealpayne May 29, 2009
A really nice guy. He usually is Muslim. He has a good taste in girls and he is cool
He did u see that guy Mousa?
by M21Hms February 06, 2015
ownge kid killed hitler
mousa killed hitler and is ownge
by mousa February 07, 2008
usually a slum-dog millionare look alike

basically an adjective meaning your the hottest guy on EARTH

sometime it means you will turn about 3-10 people gay from your pure sexiness

may explode on contact
jill said to her lesbian friend joe, you are so mousa i want to have lots of sex with your butt hole
by THE POOP SMITH YO!!! February 15, 2009
A girl who has really big hair and loves High School Musical.
She likes boys (we think).
"Mousa straightened her hair!"

by bitchacs November 08, 2009
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