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The occurrence of explosive diarrhea immediately after anal sex, while the participant is lying on their stomach, and the fecal matter projects upward in a volcano-like fashion.
My 1200 thread count sheets were ruined after that ho Mount Vesuvius'd all over the bed.
by Fecalstein June 01, 2010
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The act and/or result of a man taking such a large shit that it ice-creams beyond the water level while simultaneously pushing against the ejaculatory gland in the rectum hard enough to make the man ejaculate(cum like a stallion) on the peak of the newly formed shit mountain, creating a brown and white massive volcano shit
"Babe you aren't gonna believe I the dump just unloaded! I think I'll call it Mount Vesuvius."
by someone stole my name February 13, 2014
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In order to correctly execute this highly difficult move, one must first prepare the day before by eating a large amount of beets and drinking a large amount of shitty beer (think Coors light). Once you have consumed the proper amount, the actual person who is the Volcanic Mountain must do a half headstand against the side of the couch. While your partner is then kneeling on the couch eating your ass out, you then erupt with diarrhea (which is now reddish/purple) covering the face of your partner and everyone/everything around you. (Must be noted that this can only be done in secret by the one who is the Volcanic Mountain as to surprise your partner) This is also commonly known as "The Pompeii"
That bitch Devonna thought she was slick by banging Jerome while I wasn't home. I taught her a lesson and gave that bitch a Mount Vesuvius!!
by Hollywood Baller April 25, 2015
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When a girl takes a drag of a cigarette then gives a guy a blow job.
That chick just gave Greg a MASSIVE mount vesuvius!
by AwesomePersonYeah June 26, 2009
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A famous spot that appears on someones face. It is extremely visible and infected. Commonly known for exploding over someone.
Naj's Mount Vesuvius is about to explode over someone!
by dohkay July 21, 2011
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