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It's normally french, but it can be placed in words, or replace parts of one. It just show a negative feel about the word or idea.
Facemoule for facebook.
Moule, I've dropped my pen again.
I'm tired with that moule-car costing me money.
by mimuf July 30, 2009
A game of skill and dexterity involving tortoises.

(from "Guards! Guards!", a novel in the "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett)
"I was up all night trying to figure out the idea behind Moules"
by Asaf August 14, 2005
(moo-l): A pre-mole skin lesion - a small flaky area on the skin, which can sometimes be confused with insect bites especially because these lesions itch. The moule stage lasts approximately 3 months.
Maybe I have a moule, a small area that I thought was a bug bite, it itches but it has been here for a while.
by helene17 December 29, 2007