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Noun: a motox

Adjective: motoxious

A person who acts in a treacherous and douchy manner. A motox is often inconsiderate and does not have an understanding of the word loyalty nor does he grasp the concept of discipline.
-Ok we are now ready after 3 days of planing and hard work.
-Where is Jon?
-Oh he left to go and hang out with his other friends.
-What a motox!

-I can't come with you to the party tommorow, need to do some stuff.
-Come on, don't be so motoxious!
by Grimlin January 27, 2013
The shortened term for Motocross. MotoX.
Lets belt up the motox track tomorrow.
by MXGirl July 05, 2006
Slang for more Botox.
Instead of saying "I need more Botox" one can simply say "I need more mo'tox."
by enrichment January 07, 2011
Pwns the whole #redorchestra channel.
by EASYBITCH August 30, 2003

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