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Noun: a motox

Adjective: motoxious

A person who acts in a treacherous and douchy manner. A motox is often inconsiderate and does not have an understanding of the word loyalty nor does he grasp the concept of discipline.
-Ok we are now ready after 3 days of planing and hard work.
-Where is Jon?
-Oh he left to go and hang out with his other friends.
-What a motox!

-I can't come with you to the party tommorow, need to do some stuff.
-Come on, don't be so motoxious!
by Grimlin January 27, 2013
16 1
The shortened term for Motocross. MotoX.
Lets belt up the motox track tomorrow.
by MXGirl July 05, 2006
10 3
Slang for more Botox.
Instead of saying "I need more Botox" one can simply say "I need more mo'tox."
by enrichment January 07, 2011
6 10
Pwns the whole #redorchestra channel.
by EASYBITCH August 30, 2003
1 10