an individual who rides their motorcycle with complete and total disregard for the safety of themselves or others.

an individual who rides purely to satisfy their own ego, refusing to shift gears because revving their engine sounds so cool.
The guy who won't shift out of first and pops wheelies in my neighbourhood on the same street where kids play and ride their bikes is a total motorpsycho.
by ballistic8 September 05, 2011
Top Definition
Lesser affectionate slang often used in conjuction with the word, 'organ donor'; any of the various garden variety species of rice-rocketeers, crotch rocket riders, or any other nebulous, nether-region variety of rice-rocketeers or crotch rocket riders varying from, 'out-of-control' to, 'Control? Is that a REAL word??'
'Abner. ABNER LOOK OUT!! - that goddamn organ donor just bought himself a one-way ticket straight to the ER. Damn motorpsychos.'
by Chevette the Tube-top June 01, 2013
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