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A game for the GBA in which a kid from Tazmili Village (Lucas) must stop Porky/Pokey from destroying the world, Lucas learns various (PSI powers) and other people begin to join him along the way
Mother 3 is a Japanese game.
by Lucas8 April 12, 2008
Strange, funny, heartrending.

Mother 3 is a videogame about humankind's corruption of the natural world, the alienating effects of modern life on communities and families, the ethical treatment of animals, the folly of living vicariously in one's past, and brotherly love and rivalry. Some have described it as "the closest games have yet come to literature."

This Japan only game is said to have been rejected to be released in the US because "the plot was 'too serious', to a point betraying the graphic design (cartoon-like)"

This game has been known to make even the most hardened video game veterans cry.
I was playing Mother 3 but had to stop just one hour in because I started crying.
by Chimera__ September 26, 2010

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