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To put into storage. Usually long term.
The car has been mothballed for the last 20 years.
by MobsterOO7 December 30, 2009
A moth ball is a gay man who tries to get into people's "closets", or sexual spaces; often tries to get people to come out
"Dude, he's a moth ball...he got Tyler to come out."
by Steveboat March 11, 2009
Cornish slang originating from the Restormel area for average quality weed, often slightly damp or compressed, doesn't smell very nice & deals look small when they are on weight. But still hell of a lot better then solid or bush/garden home grown weed
Person A: do you know of any good smoke about?
Person B: Nah, all I can get hold of is moth ball
Person A: Aww savage, I'd rather pay £10 a gram for good smoke then £12.50 for 1.7 of moth ball, I'll see if i can find any stonk before i result to that
by yesitsvetz May 31, 2011
The genitals of a male moth
Jim; Hey Sahra, Have you ever smelled moth balls before?

Sahra; Why yes I have.

Jim; Oh really, How did you get their little legs apart?

by NoLove_4_BS October 28, 2009
The painful state felt in the scrotum of males from the lack of sexual activity. This level of pain is desribed to be greater than the pain associated with blue balls.
Brian has not had sex in such a long time that he now has moth balls.
by Wil 13 October 11, 2006
A girl who hangs around an ice hockey team, and goes from teammate to teammate, getting with anything with a stick and puck, and shes so dirty that she starts to smell like mothballs, and is hard to be around.
"Hey dude, you got with mothballs last night, hows my dick taste?"
by Smacky Bottoms April 24, 2006
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