A word used in the sense that you could be describing someone or a certain situation and not the literal sense of course..........
"Look at this mothafucka"

"This is so mothafuckin stupid"

"What the mothafucka?"
by thebraceletqueen January 12, 2012
A ghetto, black way of saying Mother Fucker, which is generally used on a guy who is pervy and is a big bad flirtatious BITCH.
Now Woody's a real Motha Fucka.
by Baeswag January 15, 2015
A synonym for "man" or dude. A term of endearment or brotherhood.
"hey man have you seen dave? that mothafucka has an iphone!"
by heyzoos42 October 07, 2008
a tight ass person who knows how to get down and duuurty
You saw her? i love that mothafucka
by blah blah blah July 09, 2003
a flat face ass that acts stuck up and bitchy
hey look at that mothafucka over there who got with justin twice
by anon November 12, 2003
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