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Something that is more than most. More than mostest, too (because apparently that's in some dictionaries).
Maddy: I love you, Hannah.
Hannah: I love you too!
Maddy: I love you more!
Hannah: But, I love you most...
Maddy: I love you mostest, though.
by iseethehorizon December 06, 2013
1. The maximum amount a person can be loved.
2. A greater amount than mostestest.
Stas - "I love you the mostestest"
Lizzy - "Well I love you the mostestestest"
Stas - "I surrender. There is nothing else I can say that will trump that."
by Themostcorrectpersonever June 02, 2016
the addition of the suffix -est to such words as "most" can place more emphasis on the word it self. The addition of -est can be done so infinitely if one chooses, and will amplify the meaning of the word. the use of ever may be added on at the end to amplify the meaning even more.
Becky says she likes orange soda mostest but I like orange soda mostestestest
by olgest December 29, 2009
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