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A really good looking beast that gets the babes
Whoa!! Have you seen Mort yet!! I love him!!
by ygwygyxewuehcewhchvhv March 26, 2013
Anything used to describe someone who lacks sense of life, looks dumbfounded, and has only a limited ability to learn and understand. Often excluded from society.
"Look at harry, he looks like such a mort"
Also can be referred to as a withered like tree.
by Giorgio Mosto May 15, 2008
An unintelligent dimwitted individual who lives
(or should live) in the suburb location of Mortdale, NSW, Australia.
"Look at that guy with the tamato sauce stained shirt, why won't he wash it off? What a fucking Mort!"
by Pete Scott October 10, 2006
A creepy mouse-lemur that looks like a rat and is crazy and low in intelligence.
Mort went crazy and smashed a penguin with a tree, then burned down New York City.
by PippyPoop June 22, 2009
The most amazing guy to ever walk this planet, the equvivalent of a god, he is sexy as fu*k, blindlingly handsome and smarter than Einstein, and girls always sends him nude pics ;)
girl 1: omg look at mort he is soo sexy! *faints*

girl 2: i feel compelled to txt mort a nude pic
by Ivyrose April 09, 2013
an excellent cubby builder and accomplished sangria mixologist

also can be an undercover investigative journalist
the cubby had an excellent structure thanks to the morts.
by mcdarcington January 05, 2010
sassy girl that always has something smart to say to everything. very loud and sometimes the volume of her voice can annoy people, particularly bar staff. She likes to win trifectas.
She didn't stop talking the whole time. She's such a morts
by mcdarcington January 05, 2010
an annoying/stupid person. Orginally used to describe a white person who fits the criteria.

Short for mormon. Used among black people to insult anybody.

used by black people because mormons are racists sons of bitches. anyone can use it though.
"Did you hear what he just said?!?"
"Yeah, fuckin Mort"
"psh.... mormon"
by gunshot213 November 25, 2007