i badass game that you suck at when you first start out but get uber by level 25.
DAMNIT! i dont have cure blight potion damn rats.*drops all daedric armor and weapons* ok gotta remember where this is. 2 days later: wtf happen to my armor and weapons?!
by robert July 30, 2004
A game that is truly amazing for its scope and things that you can do; a game that you invest three years of your time in and beat Dagoth Ur, become head of the Imperial Legion, Fighter's Guild, House Hlaalu, and East Empire Company, beat the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion; a game where all of that means your just getting started; and a game that had its entire memory erased along with every other game when my xbox crashed.
Morrowind is one of my favorite games of all time, but I will never play it again because my level 60 character that took three years to build was defeated by technical difficulties with my xbox.

Morrowind did not consume my life, as I was able to maintain good grades and stay involved with sports, but much of my spare time was spent playing it.

I miss Morrowind.
by chadbrochill18 February 24, 2008
The most awesome and addicting game ever created. Its not the meaning of life, it IS life. All you need is the game, a bag of doritos and a 2 liter of pepsi and nobody will ever see you again. Guaranteed to keep you awake for four days straight.
Haven't been able to stop playing since my boyfriend got me addicted to it three years ago. Now I have the GOTY Edition and my Nord is on the BloodMoon Quest. Woot! Morrowind fucking rules.
by morrowind_addict May 30, 2007
Best RPG ever!!
Nice Mainquest, sidequests, and impoving-fever ^^

Really, Gothic is a joke compared to MW!
Mom to son:"Well, how was your day?"
Son to Mom:"very good, I defeated dagoth ur finnaly and got Arch-mage in the mages guild of tamriel :D"
Mom to Son:"I mean, how was your day at SCHOOL!?"
Son to mom:"uhhhh... well... nice i suppose.."
by Magecagebage June 12, 2005
A place where you can find everybody you want within 10 meters of their location 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A place where you can tell the name of someone just by looking at them.
God i love Morrowind.
by PAGIS!!! April 27, 2007
an amazing and addictive RPG game for Xbox. Also has a a Game of the Year edition that can also allow u to become a werewolf. (yay!)
"I'm so glued on Morrowind"
by Dirge January 30, 2005
Some call it a game.Some a way of life. For both XBox AND PC,though some who have posted here dont realise that.
AND,..it is NOT only played by MEN. One person posted that it was mostly men,but oh,no,my friend. Completely untrue!! We ladies have gotten lost in the moment as well,exterminating those bloody Cliff Racers! Every cave,Ruin,or tomb sets our female hearts racing as much as it does you males! What do I call Morrowind? I call it home,life,Sanctuary,my world,..and the place that I am gently but firmly pressing all my friends into playing. Successfully,I might add.It is my firm quest to get as many computer owning people as I can to play and fall in love with Morrowind!
Yes,it IS true,..this game will take your life over,given the chance.IF,..you can keep out all those who seek to distract you from your chosen mission to become the Nerevarine. Personally,I find that a sign on my door,"Dont Knock,Unless You Too Are A MW Player" keeps the pests at bay. HeHe,..they have no clue as to what MW is,so they go on down the hallway. But,if you find,(after many hours hidden from your non playing friend)that when one of them knocks on your door,you crouch down,hoping they cant hear you as you pause fighting,..then you,too,are a resident and addict of the alternate world of Morrowind.Welcome home.
*(knock,knock,..)Are you in there?Are you playing that Morrowind again!!?*
"um,...this is my answering machine. If you can hear this,I have left the building!"
by GamerPixie May 06, 2008

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