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the name of a really lame dude. needs to not only proclaim his pot smoking prowess, but does it on the internet as well. this guy needs to pull his trout out of his ass.
morph420: hey wanna smoke a cyberjoint with me and then we can go to another chat room and chat with my supermodel girlfriend.
by T-Bone July 09, 2003
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A fat sack of crap who needs to stop being a little bitch about life. He needs to fall in a hole and never get out.
If you want to be an asshole, learn to be like Morph420.
by 100010101010 August 14, 2004
Known as the coolest joint smoker on the internet.
Man your are some cool shit, if you were any cooler you would be a Morph420
by Sven Carlson February 18, 2003

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