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Also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mormons dont like to be called "Mormons." They prefer the "Latter Day Saints" label. Some Christian denominations consider it a cult but Mormons strongly disagree. Mormonism was founded by Joseph Smith in upstate New York in the 1800s. Latter Day Saints members follow the Book of Mormon and call it "Another Testamant of Jesus Christ," which I find hogwash, because the Bible specifically teaches that it is the ONLY Word of God. The early Mormons migrated to Illinois then to Salt Lake City, Utah where its headquarters is today. Mormonism is among the world's fastest-growing religions.

Key beliefs:

1. Joseph Smith, its founder, was a "prophet" and was led by the angel Moroni to a hill in upstate New York to discover a set of golden plates that contained prophecies that are not found in the Bible. At this site he allegedy saw God and Jesus. What crap. The Bible teaches that no human being can lay their eyes upon God and survive.

2. They believe that the Garden of Eden was located at the present day site of Kansas City, Missouri and that Zion will be located there in the future. What crap. The Bible specifically says the Garden was in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

3. Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) are brothers and Godchildren to God the Father and his "wife." This implies a sexual union between God the Father and some Godess. What hogwash.

4. God is made of flesh and bone becuase the Bible says mankind is made in the image of God.

5. Prophets from around the time of the Tower of Babel built a boat and sailed to what is now the North American continent.These people are the ancestors to ancient North American tribes.

6. celestial marriage in that marriage continues in the afterlife.

7. baptism of the dead in that one can be baptised on behalf of a deceased loved one

8. family-oriented and lots of kids

9. DOES NOT BELIEVE IN MONOGOMY. The practice was denounced by the Church in the 1800s.

10.Jesus appeared to Indians in ancient America sometime after his resurrection in the first century.

11.The leaders of each church is considered a "prophet" and is specifically ordained by God himself to lead a congregation.
I find Mormonism to be crap but its followers are nice, loving people.
by krock1dk October 23, 2007
Also referred to as the Zombie Religion. It is a term given to the brainwashed zombies that follow the mormon cult, also referred to as latter day saints (LDS). Sorry but as much as they (mormons) would like to deny it their so called 'religion' is nothing more than a backward cult. Some fellow, Joseph Smith, had an overactive imagination and a penchant for polygamy and manipulating people. He is no better than Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard or other similar narcissistic bloke that has cropped up ready to become the next great incarnate of something holier than thou (bla bla bla). It just so happened that he (Joe Smith) rolled in on an entire state of stupid people and was able to rope them into believing in his B.S.
Just because a lot of people believe in mormonism does not make it anything other than a cult. It is just that mormonism has become a really big cult that is nonetheless scary in its manipulative and backward belief system than it was at its inception.
Funniest thing I ever saw was while working in a computer lab while in University and beside me was a mormon boy and his mom looking through a mormon website picking out girls that would be good for him to marry. That was too much. Aparently morminism teaches young men to avoid finding a free thinking young woman but rather some bred for breeding brainwashed little girl that can be manipulated and coerced to ensure continued mormonism. If are cognitively deficient and the remainder of your brain function has been severely manipulated it is pretty hard to not be a zombie of mormonism.
by Joseph Smith the cult leader September 07, 2006
Jesus version 2.0
Hey didn't Jesus say don't add or take away from His scripture? Oh snap! Mormonism!
by TreverAdams October 24, 2009
mormonism is a succesful cult that has succeeded in passing as religion
Non-mormon "do you practice mormonism?"
Mormon "yes why?"
Non-Mormon "What goes on in the temple, do they kill babies?"
Mormon "maybe...You will never know"
by loffel3 January 24, 2007
A colloquial term encompassing the combination of doctrine, culture and lifestyle unique to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While the term was originally a pejorative invented by persecutors of the Church, it has since become largely acceptable and is even used among some Latter-day Saints.

According to The Associated Press Stylebook, the term “Mormonism” is not correctly applied to Protestant groups such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Community of Christ, etc..
Salt Lake City, Utah, is to Mormonism what Vatican City is to Catholicism: an international headquarters serving the needs of adherents in many nations across the world.
by the Otter April 06, 2014
The things Mormons do and say
"Can you not drink coffee because of your Mormonisms?"
by Denny Shaffer Schaedig October 18, 2011
In 1832, Joseph Smith found golden plates on Hill Cumorah; a small, steep hill located in Palmyra, NY. So, Mormanism began. Every summer, Palmyra is infested with religion-spreading Mormons, merely hoping to pass their goodness unto the world through missionary work and abstinence. Here, they enjoy the festivities of the Hill Cumorah Pagent, the very site at which the religion was founded.
(To non-mormon)"Hi. I'm from Palmyra." *Blank Stare*---"Oh...cool..?" "It's like a Jerusalem to the Mormons." "Oh, I have a Mormon friend. She can't..." "I know."

(To Mormon) "Hi. I'm from Palymra." "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" "No. You're Mormon aren't you?"
by anonymous March 11, 2005