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A formal prom organized by Mormon youth leaders for Mormon teens. Young men ask young women to "Mormal" in fun and creative ways.
The good looking young man handed the cute girl a turnip while holding a sign that read, "Will you turnip with me to Mormal?" See #mormal on instagram for additional examples.
by lamodmom March 05, 2014
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Can either mean drab and boring or super cool depending on where the emphasis is placed. Relies more on tone of voice for the meaning to be understood.
"That is soooooo mormal..."
by Brinkity August 28, 2006
this is someone who is mostly normal but has a few weird traits
sarah '' I like reading and playing sports ... and base jumping off buildings''
Harry '' oh right your mormal i suppose''
by bazzers1899 December 28, 2011
A mormon kid who is actually ok to be around and doesnt bring up how great being a mormon every 5 minutes
yah he's a mormal but his 7 brothers are annoying as fuck
by rescueNixon June 24, 2010
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