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(1) To be verbally or emotionally traumatized--either professionally or personally--by your boss.

(2) To be bested in an argument, or forcibly subdued by the fact that you're speaking to your boss.

(3) Occasionally used to refer to a loud shout of your name from another room--only to find out that you're being assigned some trivial task, as in, 'JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFF! Put this over there.'

N.B. Sometimes used alongside references to Stockholm Syndrome
"Dude, how long do I have to be at this company before I stop getting Morked?"

"Can you believe I got Morked on a Friday afternoon?"

"My boss told me the first answer on the list was wrong. Totally Morked."
by theperennialvictims September 26, 2014
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