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A girl who is beautiful, and usually a brunette. They can be stupid at doing things with close their friends but they don't care about it. The girl is usually very nice to all her friends, there for them most of time, easy to hurt but can stand the pain with a close friend who comforts them. She won't tolerate nonsense either and can sometimes be very defensive, so if you throw her off she will be a nasty animal. Morgen is also are very athletic, so you will see them around sporting areas a lot.
Morgen is a beautiful girl who has many friends.
by Xx_Soccershooter13_xX February 08, 2011
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d1: A guy with a really huge dick!(boy)

d2: A sweet, charming girl.(girl)
e1: "It was big, he must be Morgen!"

e2: she is such a Morgen
by Definitionnamer April 24, 2013
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A fun girl who is usually very outgoing & spontaneous. Thrives in excitement and finds it extremely hard to be bored, frankly because she isn't boring!
Can be viewed as a bit entertainingly "blonde" at times... but only because she is deeply intelligent and realizes the great value of happiness. Although most people can only catch brief glimpses of her serious side, she definitely has a story. She is a thinker. Most Morgens are naturally musically talented, have great hair, and a great connection to all types of people. They usually are badass performers! Most importantly, they are eternal optimists 24/7.
Guy 1: I randomly met this girl in an elevator last night, and had the most fun date of my life!

Guy 2: That must've been a Morgen for sure!

Girl 1: Wait! But, Morgen acts really crazy and ditzy but yet has straight A's, perfect SAT scores, and has a great sense of astronomy.

Girl 2: Maybe her optimism pulls her through? I wouldn't know!

Man 1: Who is that girl?! Her performance was badass!

Man 2: Her name is Morgen. I can call her if you'd like...we spontaneously met earlier on the train.
by Urbandictionaryloverloverlover December 10, 2013
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He was totally suckin' on a morgen.
by Cracka Chris February 26, 2008
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A qirl whith dyed hair, and grey or green eyes. She does alot of drugs, sometimes known as a bad ass. Very rebellious. Not a Slut, but she can get a guy when she whants too. Gets in alotta fights whith other bitches that cant keep their damn mouths shut. Has a very very low self esteem but doesnt show it at all. Listens mostly to rap, hiphop, screamo, and a little rock. Hates the world. Has depression but trys to not show it. People say that shes gorgeous, hot and sexy but she doesnt believe it at all. Hates her family, and loves her friends. Takes alot of pictures at weird angles, but shes not SCENE or EMO or GOTH. !!
Dan: "Damn, that girl is a bad ass and shes cool to chill whith."

Sean: "Yeah, she must be a Morgen."
by LuhveYhuFohevaandEva4321 August 11, 2010
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