a) noun

synonym for epicness or awesomeness; in its presence one is filled with awe

b) literary device
used to describe the feeling of having one's breath taken away by epic beauty or the like
a) "Wow, that is really Morgan Freeman..."

b) "I feel like I just died and woke up to the face of Morgan Freeman..."
by The King's Lady March 11, 2013
The man that, no matter what movie you see, will always be there. He is everywhere. Either narrating, acting, or just... Well, there. Has the most amazing voice along with James Earl Jones.

In simpler terms;
He's God. Literally.
Morgan Freeman is watching you read this. Don't deny it.
by That Brony Gamer Guy February 26, 2013
The greatest narrator
The alpha and omega
The voice of God
He is God
"Come watch this documentary about history with me!"
"Morgan Freeman is narrating!"
"B!tch, scoot over!!"
by Lily Anderson June 05, 2013
Morgan Freeman is a god among us mirtal humans. The only reason the sun rises in the morning is because he narrarates it in his sleep the night before.
Boy: hey do you wanna see a movie
Girl: oh Morgan Freeman no!!!
by Godless Empire April 13, 2015
A person who acts heroically in a way similar to a best supporting actor, particularly in partner card/skill games... Sometimes referred simply as a 'Morgan' or 'Morgana.'
"Bid high. I've got a Morgan."

"Your partner is a fucking Morgan Freeman."
by tgiff17 April 10, 2009
1.another word for the HNIC, head nigga in charge.

2.someone who stands up to the white man.
1."hes a real morgan freeman so don't mess with him."

2."that guy is a real morgan freeman for talking to Bush like that ."
by Void Zombie June 26, 2009
Harrison Ford dipped in chocolate
Morgan Freeman is rumoured to be playing the chocolate dildo in "willy wanka and the chocolate dildo"
One of the famed bears in the porcelain cave.
by Freethy August 08, 2008

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