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3 definitions by JaMarko

God; my nigga; a sex toy for your ears; Chuck Norris for people above 12 years old
What's the difference between God and Morgan Freeman?
-Absolutely nothing
by JaMarko October 06, 2011
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the type of earthquake that gets extreme ammount of facebook attention within the first ten minutes; not to be confused with a dearthquake which is the type of earthquake that gets extreme media attention
Marco: it was only a little girthquake you attention seeking whore
by JaMarko October 20, 2011
6 1
a condition in teenagers and college students characterized by posting statuses on social networking websites directly after something dramatic happens in order to get attention from friends
Once the earthquake hit, the whole class got under their desks except for Stefani who tweeted it out to all her followers. Her Post Dramatic Status Disorder cost her life.
by JaMarko November 25, 2011
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