The act of shitting on a sleeping person's face, and using this shit as glue to glue your pubes to their face, similar to Morgan Freemans beard.
Oh man, I Morgan Freeman'd Ricky Barry so hard last night. He smelled like shit all day.
by Tibblez June 12, 2008
The greatest narrator
The alpha and omega
The voice of God
He is God
"Come watch this documentary about history with me!"
"Morgan Freeman is narrating!"
"B!tch, scoot over!!"
by Lily Anderson June 05, 2013
A sexual position in which a man straddles a woman in the scissor position, defacates into her vagina and subsequently allows her to excrete the fecal matter back into his mouth while masturbating vigurously.
After dinner, Tom and Sally gave each other a Hot Carl. Then they did the Morgan Freeman and topped it off with a Dirty Sanchez from Tom to Sally.
by Morgfree1 January 24, 2010
One freckly ole black man.
Oh snap, gramps look like Morgan Freeman!
by Kris Benson March 29, 2005
1.another word for the HNIC, head nigga in charge.

2.someone who stands up to the white man.
1."hes a real morgan freeman so don't mess with him."

2."that guy is a real morgan freeman for talking to Bush like that ."
by Void Zombie June 26, 2009
Morgan Freeman is a god among us mirtal humans. The only reason the sun rises in the morning is because he narrarates it in his sleep the night before.
Boy: hey do you wanna see a movie
Girl: oh Morgan Freeman no!!!
by Godless Empire April 13, 2015
an illegal, but cute red slider turtle from a sketchy shop in New York City. Lives in dorm rooms with the inclination to escape from seemingly impossible enclosures to roam the room for days.
You see my Morgan Freeman? Wait, where is he? *drunk* nooooo morgannnn
by LouderNowLove May 25, 2009

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