an illegal, but cute red slider turtle from a sketchy shop in New York City. Lives in dorm rooms with the inclination to escape from seemingly impossible enclosures to roam the room for days.
You see my Morgan Freeman? Wait, where is he? *drunk* nooooo morgannnn
by LouderNowLove May 25, 2009
Harrison Ford dipped in chocolate
Morgan Freeman is rumoured to be playing the chocolate dildo in "willy wanka and the chocolate dildo"
One of the famed bears in the porcelain cave.
by Freethy August 08, 2008
A sexual position in which a man straddles a woman in the scissor position, defacates into her vagina and subsequently allows her to excrete the fecal matter back into his mouth while masturbating vigurously.
After dinner, Tom and Sally gave each other a Hot Carl. Then they did the Morgan Freeman and topped it off with a Dirty Sanchez from Tom to Sally.
by Morgfree1 January 24, 2010
The act of spray farting or projectile farting on another person's face at subsonic speeds. The eyes can be open or closed during delivery.
Damn kid, you gave that bitch a nasty morgan freeman! Snap, her eyes were open too!
by DirtyDLS October 12, 2006
More commonly known as a frenum piercing. A piercing through the skin on the underside of the penis.
John: Dude, I just got a Morgan Freeman!
Brett: WTF? You bought an old black dude?
John: No, retard, I got my frenum pierced.
Brett: ...
John: My wang!
Brett: Dude, your sick.
by fancofu November 29, 2006
The act of shitting on a sleeping person's face, and using this shit as glue to glue your pubes to their face, similar to Morgan Freemans beard.
Oh man, I Morgan Freeman'd Ricky Barry so hard last night. He smelled like shit all day.
by Tibblez June 12, 2008
One freckly ole black man.
Oh snap, gramps look like Morgan Freeman!
by Kris Benson March 29, 2005

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