Top Definition
An old lady's vagina.
Dude! I did your grandma last night! Her moosy is SO hairy!
by Jingle Pants October 02, 2009
1. To have a wee nosey

2. To snoop somewhere

3. Take a gander to
If you take a wee moosy over there you'll find some muffins
by Narcissa_Shax July 10, 2008
Slang/Abbreviation for someone of Muslim/Islamic ancestry.
Honey have you read the paper today? Those moosy terrorists flew a plane into some building again!
by mikeyr June 28, 2005
Moosy is another word for vagina. Moosy is your vagina.
My moosy is itching.
by scooper-duper December 18, 2011

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