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The greatest pro gamer to ever grace the earth. He is the best, and sexy.
that moosey pwns Veilside anyday.
by danny February 18, 2005
A realy big and ugly person.
Lets get out of here all the woman are Moosey.
by Stuart Gregg January 28, 2005
you moosey dawg
by fo'trill November 03, 2003
One of the best friends of Annebelly.
~Great listener
~Fun Dude
~Good Drummer
~Lover of cats
~Real nickname is Moose. But Annebelly will call him Moosey, cuz she likes that name better.
~Totally rad
~ummmmmmmm........ yea
Annebelly and Twinkerbelle luv Moosey!
by Annebelly December 22, 2003