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Term used by many people of ethnic origin in Australia. Word usually means the person is a "Very Cool Person".
"Oh fuck man, that shits awesome, you're a sick cunt!"
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 03, 2004
used by many of Ethnic Origin in Australia.
Can mean cool person, as well as Feral person.
1. Someone licks a tyre. (BAD THING)

2. Someone gets a really hot chick
"Oh you fucking sick cunt ;)"
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 10, 2004
Taken from Invader Zim.
To be sent unwillingly by a small, green alien to a room with a Moose in it.
"Now prepare to suffer your Moosey fate!"
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 03, 2004
The conversation starter when theres an awkward silence.
J: "Crumpet"
A: "WHAT?"
A: "So how are ya James?
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 03, 2004
1. A pornstar.

2. Peacefulness.
1. "Serenity really gets my juices going"

2. "The garden feels so serene, I'm in a complete state of Serenity."
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 03, 2004
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