a word that describes a surpremely unnatractive girl
Kiley Ray Carlson is so moosey
by arandomtrabucokid September 05, 2011
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Is when you put moose ears on and you do someone from behind.
Last night I gave her moosey
by swimfan312 June 08, 2010
The feeling one get when he/she stays up waaaay past their bedtime. Usually accompanied by the yelling of random phrases, uncontrollable laughter and unusual excitement.

John: Dude, are you ok?
Jim: No man, I'm so moosey
John: Makes sense, it's almost 4 in the morning
John: .....
by St0mpie June 16, 2011
A kind of crazy characteristic that is found primarily in moose-loving people.
She was very moosey because she just saw a moose.
by Moose_chic August 22, 2006
A term used to describe beefy, hairy, ugly-hot men. They are more muscular than a bear, but are not necessarily a muscle head. The opposite of a twink.
I'm not into the bear scene, I like my men to be moosey.
by eidolon79 March 22, 2009
The tuft of hair that grows beneath the nose prior to the coming of puberty

Comes from the english word "moustache"
"Dude when he sneazed, there was snot all stuck to his moosey."
by Petris00 April 04, 2006
One who is larger than most, and posesses ink of said animal on right shoulder. He must chew, drink heavily, and have a swollen right ring finger.
Moosey went to the Palace.
by Matthew Graham May 25, 2008

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