A very noticeable bulge beneath a tight clothed males waist line, more popularly known as a hard on or erection. Due to the restricted room for the dicks extension, it fails to fully protrude outward, thus, remaining hindered and resembling an intriguing mound-shaped growth instead. Women have camel toes and men have moose knuckles (which is actually pertaining to the knee on a moose).
"Oh my GOD girlfriend, did you see the size of that moose knuckle that guy was carrying around under his speedo?"
by teenez69er August 22, 2014
An unusually large pussy that has little elasticity from being fucked to much, and rears its ugly head in tight apparel like yoga pants.
That chicks Pussy was so big that in her yoga pants at the gym she didn't have a camel toe, she had a moose knuckle.
by Feddisan March 12, 2016
when a women/man pulls up their pants to high they get a "camel toe" in slang a moose knuckle
"dude you got a moose knuckle I can see your flaps"
"Excuse me miss, but your moose knuckle is showing."
by George flumpalump April 11, 2012
The appearance of beef curtains on the outside of a ladies britches. Cause by tight pants and a super fat pussy.
Lookit the mooseknuckle on that cum chuggin' gutter slut.
by Sparky the Nuclear Clydesdale April 11, 2003
The broader larger version of a camel toe. Often referring to a woman with a meatier gap from thigh to vulva, also used in accordance with heavy set females.

This term is seemingly being misused for a male equivalent which actually has multiple derivative terms.
Refer to Lobster Claw or Mammal Toe for male definition. Also males bearing the mark from restrictive lower garments are referred to as Grape Smugglers (also just referring to the garment like Ruster or Wrangler jeans).
Citing Seth Rogen and Diana Bangs characters in The Interview

DB: "I particularly enjoyed the Miley Cyrus "Cameltoe" episode, very deep."
SR: "Very deep! Yeah she has quite a hearty moose knuckle!"
by IggyK February 24, 2015
similar to camel toe this refers to situations in which a female's pants are sooo tight that it gives the appearance of fat lips being separated, moose knuckle is the same thing except it refers to women pushing maximun density (over weight, fat, obese.)
Brian said, "Did you see that fat bitch; her moose knuckles look like a set of balls hanging through a pair nylons?"
by CBA November 09, 2007
Over sized camel toe , camel toe on steroids , big fat camel toe , camel toe that has transformed into something BIGGer
She does not have a camel toe that is a moose knuckle .
by creolepixie March 06, 2015
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