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a young man who is small like a mouse who gets called moose by a scottish person because of their inability to say mouse.

A nickname for someone slightly large who is sttrange yet cool like a Moose.

a man who has been bitten by a radioactive Moose.

Joshua Clegg.

a gruff sub urban type who says "o'ryt" at every oppurtunity.
"hey Moose Man"
"Hey bill"
by Joshytclegg August 18, 2008
a conceited smart ass
moose man thinkz the moose is like the god!
by teeny tiny v March 16, 2003
Cult radio celebrity often known to call in to radio shows on late night radio to belittle the radio hosts and generally cause mischief. Likened calls often refered to as a "moosey"
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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