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A High School on Staten islad, NY, where nearly the entire student body are either morons or sluts. Half the teachers are complete assholes, the principal is a total drunk, and the dean is an uptight ass who likes all the morons more than the intelligent people.

Aside from that 95% of the school, though, the rest of it is fine.
"Hey, I got accepted to Moore Catholic. Should I go there?"
"Only if you're taking music, that's where most of the smart people are."
by malendras July 30, 2006
The land of the orange people. Usually seen in their natural habitat of Staten Island, they seem to congregate often in this area.
"Dude, I'm going to Moore Catholic!"
"You should go tanning or eat a lot of carrots. Otherwise the people there will eat your face."
by Shmougie May 20, 2008
a school full of the worst teachers where the only good ones are mr.porcello and ms.taranto. Also a teacher mr.hughs is a child molestor. Also a teacher mrs.taranna screwed a senior.
"moore catholic sucks"
by raptor buzzzz March 14, 2007
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