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5 definitions by dispatch131xhd

really fun shit that you can do anything with. big tubs of it can cause total shineyness to a computer desk if left around while your waiting for stuff to load.
sister: what the hell is all this shit on the desk!

me: its glitter glue. deal.
by dispatch131xhd June 26, 2005
7 2

it is a slur of super nifty
check out my new chucks

those are spifty
by dispatch131xhd June 08, 2005
3 4
a cabin at friend's camp in maine. often called "snipe club" or "penis cabin" (because when you rearrange the letters it spells penis)
Brita: "What cabin are you in this session?"
Austin: "Snipe again goddammit!"
by dispatch131xhd September 14, 2006
0 2
a random insult when theres actually no reason to be in sulting a person. Really confuses and offends them so you get to laugh.
betty: can i sit here?
sue: no.
sue: because your a cow whore
by dispatch131xhd June 08, 2005
19 21
to hang around or associate
lets go moop around the mall

yeah thats kevin's starting to moop around with lizz
by dispatch131xhd April 02, 2005
2 14