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An absolute space cadet of the highest degree, a good person to study to see how fucked up life can be for some.
See yon boy over there making fun of the disabled people behind their backs? He's a Mooncat.
by Rambos3rdcousinremoved. November 11, 2009
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Someone who spends every waking hour staring into middle distance space, expressionless, mouth wide open, dumbfounded by the world happening around them, but in which they play no part! Like a little cat staring at the moon at night in wonder..... get it. Like a little cat staring at the moon at night in wonder..... get it.
She's an absolute Mooncat. Doesn't have a clue what's going on!
by Educatingtheworld January 21, 2014
A person who eats his dog's poop for breakfast. If he doesn't eat dog poop at least two times a day he eats his wife's poop. He bathes in poop, has poop smelling cologne, he even brushes his teeth with pooppaste.
Look, Mooncat is eating his dog's shit again.

Lock the bathroom door if there is ever a Mooncat around.

Mooncat loves fresh turds straight from the butthole, sometimes he catches them in his mouth instead of bagging them up for later.
by GLOUBES July 22, 2010
1. the term for a shaven pubic area.
2. an ugly cat.
'yeah, so i fucked this one chick with a mooncat...looked like she was six years old.'
by SentinelDeMilo April 08, 2005

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