Extra-large testicles. Size of moons. Tough guys. Something to brag about. Also a great name for a two-man volleyball team.

Not to be confused with the female version called the moon pie.
JT: I can't believe he just did that!
Ryan: Yeah, he's got some real moon balls, I tell you!
by J. Tizzle May 30, 2008
Top Definition
A type of volleyball serve (usually underarm) that goes extremely high and lands between the attack and net lines.
dude, that was a sick moonball!

the only way these guys are scoring points is from their moon balls
by annonymousAUS November 10, 2008
A moonball is a combonation of heroin and cocaine. It is snorted, and a speedball is the same mixture, heroin and coke, except a speedball is injected.
Ib lew that speedball and it floored me
by Kefka September 12, 2004
A game of baseball created by Earl Pickles. Often played by Earl and his grandson, Nelson. It's used to teach kids how to hit the ball off the tee. Called 'Moonball' because the bat is often swung very hard and the ball is hit very far.
Nelson: (on the verge of crying but not quite) I'm just not a good batter. How can I learn to hit better?

Earl: What's the matter? Let's play Moonball. I'll show you how to do it.

Nelson: How?! I've never played Moonball before.

Earl: (demonstrating a proper batting stance) Here, do it like this. (swings the bat)

Nelson: Wow! Look at the ball go!

Earl: Wow! That ball almost went as high as the moon.

Nelson: (giving a high five) Move over, Ed Crankshaft, Earl Pickles is coming your way!

Ed: I heard that, Nelson Wolfe. You don't disrespect a Mudhen, you hear me?! (stares at him hard, angry eyed)

Nelson: Sorry, but I bet you never played Moonball when you played.
by Dusty's Baby Powder February 26, 2011
In football, a terrible pass that is throw so high in the air that it looks like a punt.
Did you see that moon ball thrown by Jeff Garcia on thanksgiving day, 2005?
by mlive rules November 30, 2005
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