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The legal name that the late Frank Zappa gave to his only duaghter.
Moon Unit was the Val voice-over in the Frank Zappa Song "Valley Girl".
by Kurty December 06, 2006
Crazy Ass group of people.
What a space Cadet. Yup definetly part of the Moon Unit.
by Rob Mason October 23, 2006
refers to a girls ass, preferably a big one. used in a derogatory way.
guy 1:"dude check out that chicks ass!"
guy 2: "thats the biggest moon unit i've ever seen!"
by Megzie May 28, 2006
A moon unit is a person who resembles those who have landed on the moon- strong, powerful, and talented individuals. They have a lot of potential to reach aspirational heights.
Wow, you're so cool. You're a moon unit.
by notafatty.com January 28, 2013