dat nigga dats always around ya way beaten up ppl ... da one u get to beat sumbodys ass for you .... he always got ya back
thug1:"keep playin wit me nigga i want my money"
crackhead:"u betta leave me alone before i get mookey on ya ass"
by ghetto ma December 22, 2004
Top Definition
1: A nick name for the funny guy in a group of friends that makes everyone laugh.
2: A nick name for people who are awsome.
3: Mytical creature thats half cow and half monkey.
1: Haha. You're hilarious Mookey.
2: You're so awsome mikey. Were gonna call you Mookey now.
3: Hey did you see that creature?

What was it?

I think it was like, half (cow) and half (monkey)

You mean a Mookey.
by Master Mook September 17, 2009
A burp after smoking weed, where smoke comes out with the burp
Dude, that was a big mookey
by An drew October 06, 2007
A person who has physical qualities of male and female.

Someone whose gender is unidentifiable.
Pat from SNL is a Mookey
by BaStaRdSaN November 29, 2004

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