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Pronounced: (Moo-Ch-uh-Kin)

A Mexican that has illegally crossed the border and continues to constantly mooch off of the American's hardworking tax payer dollars.

A Moochican can generally be found in the hospitals stealing our health care, crossing the southern border, demanding translators, or attempting to reform the American nation.
Uncle Sam: have you sen what is happening to this country those damn Moochicans are stealing everything
Cousin Billy: Oh i know father what was this country like before them
Uncle Sam: you could only imagine...
Pablo: Aye aye aye! free health care in U.S.A.
(crosses border and has 20 babies)
Santeria: I love being a Moochican free everything! and the President of this country even passed lass for us promising health care!
by MRS1113 August 13, 2010
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