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Are you serious?? There isn't a definition for this? Well anyway, Monster House is about this hot kid named DJ, his friend Chowder, and this ugly red/orange headed slut named Jenny. They go into this house where this old guy named Nebercrack (sp?) used to live, but DJ killed him trying to get Chowder's basketball back. Apparently, the house is alive and it eats all these kids toys. So DJ, Chowder and sluttie go in there and try to kill the house by getting to the heart. They find out that the house is Nebercracker's wife named Constance who used to be a fatty fat fatso in the circus, but he saved her. People were mean to her because she was a fatty fat fatso, so she was angry at kids and ate their toys when she turned into a house. One of my favorite movies!
Me - "Can you believe there isn't a definition for Monster House on Urban Dictionary?!?"

Megan - "No, are you serious??"

Me - "Yeah!! Imma go make one right now!'
by Airren January 28, 2010

To punch/kick/thump/etc. someone so hard that it breaks a giant hole in them, then fill it with concrete to make sure said part is haunted for eternity
"Jim stole your Girlfriend"

"i'm going to monster house his bumole!!!"
by THATKIDCHALKIE April 08, 2014
A massive beast! Just like in the movie, swallowing men whole out of anger and pure fat rage! You can also scream for this form of fat person; " The white whale has surfaced!"
Watch out for Monster House! She'll gobble you up!
by Cosmo_K February 04, 2010

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