any person who uses someone else's pre-existing attraction to them to mess up any relationship that other person might become involved in, regardless of whether or not they return feelings of attraction.
Liz could have cared less about Dre's attraction to her when he was single, but now that he's with Carrie, she's acting like a big ol' monkeywrench.
by cannocchiale September 20, 2010
Top Definition
Fool, gullible person. See Tool.
Quit being such a monkey wrench, Vellius. Chris knew it was you the whole time, you shippler.
by MJK October 08, 2005
To sabotoge or disrupt.
George W. Bush's claim of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction threw a MONKEY WRENCH in Colin Powell's political aspirations.
by Mikail Bevale March 06, 2005
My favorite Foo Fighters song of all time. Great lyrics, great guita, vocals ,and drums all done by the renaissance man Dave Grohl.
What do you do when all your enemies are friends!
by alex k April 16, 2004
1. An adjustable wrench.
2. An imaginary tool of sabotage, destruction, overthrow and mischief.
1. Hey would you be so kind and hand me that monkey wrench?
2. Everything was going so well but then you threw a monkey wrench in my plan.
by Mattony February 28, 2014
When you bend a guys dick backwards between his legs and the woman sucks him off.
Monkey Wrench - When you bend a guys dick backwards between his legs and the woman sucks him off.
by Mac777daddy August 26, 2011
awsome song by the foo fighters from the colour and shape
don't wanna be your monkey wrench
by futuramafan February 09, 2008
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