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Combining the BuzzLightYear and Monkey Face gives you the monkey in space. Shave your pubic region and fill a fish bowl with the hair. At the top of a flight of stairs, while fornicating your lover doggy style, when your just about to cum, take it out of her, and smack her in the head. When she gets pissed and turns around, cum on her face, shove the fishbowl over her head and shove her down the stairs while waving a laser pointer around and screaming "TO INFINITE AND BEYOND!!"

The girl will be massively confused, trying to stop falling, and trying to clean her now hairy face, but the fishbowl will keep her from getting at it. While falling she'll resemble a monkey in space!
She flew through the air like a monkey in space!
by Nikki Noo Noo December 12, 2010
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