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A password used when you don't know who you real friends are.

When someone has cloned themselves into your form and you need to check if they are your real friend or an imposter.
Bob "OH, I am so glad it's you and not an imposter


Imposter- EH?

Bob- ""She knows the password. Monkey Slut is blown!!!"
by Skidz lottie November 16, 2010
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an endearing term used by a man for a girlfriend suspected of being a lesbian.
dude, she is such a monkeyslut. i think she's moved out west to commune with some carpet munchers.
by dilmonkey January 19, 2004
Someone whose standards are so low that they'll shag a monkey.
Dude, look at the grenade that monkey-slut's dancing with!
by Emily Younger April 23, 2003
You know..that little slut that is always asking for it. Little hairy, but still worth the fifteen bucks.
Damn dude, check that 'Monkey Slut.' Only fifteen bucks!? Yeah, she's a little hairy, but still ...
by Pseudonym March 24, 2004

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