The act of:
Step 1: Secretly spitting down a sexual partners butt crack.
Step 2: Insert penis or substitute without permission.
Step 3: Hold on.
Step 4: Psychological Factor: Reference having sex with the partner's friend or sibling.
I am going to have to do some monkey dunking since tonight's the night and my girl needs to be taught a lesson.
by Northface October 20, 2009
Top Definition
When you play as Winston in Overwatch and drop in on those Hanzo hunsbando fags.
Player 1: You see that Hanzo up there? It's time for a good monkey dunking.
by Zaeglamesh June 06, 2016
An act of having sex, whether it be intercourse or any other sexual contact, underneath covers, with other people in the presence of the situation.
Guy 1: "Man look I think they are having sex under there"

Guy 2:"Yeah, they are monkey dunking hardcore"
by Tifa Lynn November 30, 2009
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