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n. The most popular map in Halo 2, it is set on a Forerunner installation and was apparently used for studying the Flood. It features well-balanced gameplay, with tight corridors, open rooms, outdoor platforms, and several towers. An exceptionally fun map to play, some favored gametypes include both Slayer and Team Slayer, CTF, and Oddball.

Due to its layered structure, with many floors and walkways crossing over one another, skilled players are able to move about the map with ease, controlling key areas and racking up kills.

Its badassery returns in Halo 3 with its remake, Blackout.
Quetz: "Dude, nice, we got Lockout."
Maximus: "Nice, man, let's run this shit."
by GetSmashedWithTheBros April 07, 2008
n. The act of spiking in the Super Smash Bros. series while playing as either Donkey Kong (64, Melee, and Brawl) or Diddy Kong (Brawl). It is performed with Donkey by using a well-timed Forward Aerial attack (a.k.a. the Fair Fist) or a Down Aerial (a.k.a. the Donkey Dair Dunk). While using Diddy, it can only be done with the Down Aerial attack (a.k.a. the Diddy Dair Dunk). Although each of these moves have their own specific nickname (Fair Fist, Donkey Dair Dunk, Diddy Dair Dunk), in all cases they are generally referred to as a "Monkey Dunk".
*Donkey jumps out at Mario, off the edge of Final Destination*
*Donkey uses the Fair Fist*
Announcer: GAME!

*Diddy jumps out at Falco, off the edge of Smashville*
*Diddy uses the Diddy Dair Dunk*
Announcer: GAME!
by GetSmashedWithTheBros April 07, 2008
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