Top Definition
The word mongler means, thief or to steal.
"the mongler mongled my mongling utensils"
by Sid Haltiwanger May 13, 2008
Complete trash, nobody likes these people. They really grind other peoples gears. No one likes a mongler.
Big Larry is the biggest trash mongler I've seen in my life. Nobody likes him.
by BigFreshLarry69_PabloSanchez69 September 05, 2013
when one is inclinined to sketchiness and shadyness combined
Fuck what a mongler
Man that guy is dirty, what a heebin mongler
by paul January 11, 2005
when one man is in love with a another man.
damn son, he is a fuckin mongler, what a flamer.
by Banana Moe June 26, 2005
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