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A feeling a guy or a girl gets for the opposite sex when there is an attraction established. Sexually or mentally.
Dude i just met this girl, and i got the mones as soon as i laid eyes on her.
by Mr. Will-i-am March 07, 2010
Short for Hormones. This is used by transient transexuals who purchase hormones on the black market in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.
Looking for some mones?
by Castro-duo November 09, 2008
1.The act of getting stoned. 2.The bud itself
"Let's mone" "Yo man, that was some good fuckin' mone."
we mone we have moned we are moning we will mone again
by gumbolis February 29, 2008
When a woman has exhibits behaviors that are caused by a hormonal imbalance such as here pre-menstrual period. Mones is short for hormones.
My wife loses her cool this time of month. Its must be her mones acting up.
by ironminh December 14, 2011
Mones refers to a particular type of man, extremely hot and well hung. Turns bitches on beyond belief.
That guy looked like Mones
by Moroney December 05, 2003
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