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Momo Hinamori is a character from the manga/anime BLEACH. She is lieutenant to (former) Captain Aizen of the 5th division. She is childhood friends with Toshiro Hitsugaya, captain of the 10th division. Though Momo is easy-going and upbeat, she is emotionally vulnerable and is a bit naive. When her captain Aizen faked his death, she was so grief-stricken that she was tricked into attacking Hitsugaya. Aizen's fake death and betrayal greatly damaged her mental state, but she declared to Rangiku Matumoto that Aizen was now her enemy. Her pastimes are reading, drawing, and sometimes she even bakes cookies sometimes.
Her Zanpukto is Tobiume ( flying plum tree ). The command for its Shikai is 'snap'. She had not yet achieved her bankai.
( Tite Kubo talking about a picture of Momo Hinamori ): The Lieutenant is an expert user of Kidō. She can look awe-inspiring sometimes. Her expression looks good this way too."

( to Rangiku ) "Don't worry Rangiku-san, I have put on my lieutenant badge and come here today as the lieutenant of the 5th Division. But what that means is that I am acting as the person in charge of the members of the 5th Division, not as a subordinate of Captain Aizen, because he is an enemy of Soul Society."

( to Hitsugaya )"Please save Captain Aizen. What Captain Aizen is doing is bad, but I bet he has a good reason for it. Yeah, that's it... Surely Captain Ichimaru or someone is forcing him..."
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