In eastern North Carolina, natives say "mommicked" to mean confused, messed up or fouled up.
When he hit the deer, Joe really mommicked his car good.
by Capt. Katie May 26, 2006
Top Definition
From Down East North Carolina= Means to be worked to a frazzle,to be beat to a pulp,worn slam out.
Ya'll, I've been mommicked today, I have!
by Frank Birdsong December 01, 2005
It is in Webster's Unabridged, as an Old English word which basically means messed up, or FUBAR. The Carteret language is the closest to Shakespeare's in the world, due to their lengthy isolation.
My Lord honey, God! Ain't I been mommicked this night!
by Bob Geller December 28, 2007
Worry, Worried.
A linguist, so he claimed, said the only use he could find was in a play by Shakespear. It was "Mommick a string". Gee, worry a string, a knot, beads, etc.
Haven't you mommicked the life out of me this day!

A Mother to a child. The only way I've ever heard it used. Yeah I'm from coastal NC. Morehead City. My Aunts from Wades shore on Shackleford (1880's)used it this way as did the younger of my sisters. Newer uses have apparently arrived. Evolution.
by Bob O'Donnell January 02, 2008
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