The act of being stern or demanding (mom-like) to a friend or family member (given that you are not the family member's mom).
Freida: Go to bed, Mister
DeShawn: Stop being so momish
by Calypso Bear December 29, 2009
Top Definition
Rhymes with "Amish", a word to describe something that is so over the top Mom-style that it is embarrassing to even said-woman's OWN mother.
That light-washed, high-waisted jeans, mock turtleneck and fall-themed cardigan sweater combo is so MOMISH!
by MNJMN October 28, 2010
nuu chah nulth---- to breast feed your baby....breasts, with milk ....
Look, she wants momish again.....
by babydoll74 August 13, 2010
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